Important topics in React you need to know!

1)Why I choose ReactJS!!

2) All about JSX.

3) Data flows in React js.

4) Default props in React js.

Default props is an interesting topic in react and it is very handy. When we need props that are specific and we don’t need to change that any time soon in that situation we can use default props.

If I give an example like below that there is a button component and we want to give the default props color as blue. If I remember or if I use react-bootstrap then I must know that when to use a button like this <Button > or button class primary then that’s the use of default props their primary button has a default prop which has a blue color property.

If we don’t set the value of color, it will be set by default to ‘blue’.

5) Conditional rendering in React.

In react application, we cannot use if else in component, rather than we can use ternary operator inside curly braces.

6) Event in React.

7) What is Hooks in react?

Let’s see an example:

8) Virtual dom in React.

9)Some important topics about optimizing performance in React js.

10) State management in React js.

The term how you store the state and how you change it in your app is called state management.

Storing the Data

Updating the Data and Re-rendering

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